The installation of this dispositive is simple and fast. It requires only the hydraulic link of a little pipe among the device and the water drain port of the pump by using the appropriate rapid attaches.

The electric link has to be made among the electric socket and the pump socket.


At power up the device starts the smart adjust procedure reported by a rotating 

blue ring LEDs until the end of the procedure itself. 

If the procedure is successful, the color of the LED will turn green.

In the event of an anomaly, the pump will stop and

will display a solid orange ring of light.

In case of entrapment, the system will proceed with the immediate stop of the pump and consequent signaling by means of a red LED light ring which will light up intermittently and a fixed acoustic signal.

It is possible to program the start and stop mode of the pump via an app that can be installed on a smartphone as a direct start when the power plug is inserted, manually or with a timer.

The installation must be done professionally by a qualified technician with apposite certified.


Once the device is installed, the manager will have access to a user level menu where he will be able to modify some parameters such as:


Internal timer or external (for pools already equipped with timer)

Pump start / stop time configuration

Display of the negative pressure level in real time

A password protection system to access sensitive parameters

In the event of a fault, it is possible to intervene with the special bypass keys (red key and yellow key) by inserting and turning them at the same time; in this way the system will be deactivated leaving the pump in its normal operation and recording the event which will be saved in the internal memory and transmitted to the server to monitor its conditions.